Monday, December 31, 2007

Think Sugar is Harmless?

Durning the holiday season people can consume about 3 times the amount of sugar than they do throughout the entire year. Some effects this can have on your include:

  • Massive production of insulin to compensate for the increase in blood sugar levels
  • Taxation on pancreas from production of too much insulin which can result in borderline diabetes (insulin can run out, you're only given so much in a lifetime)
  • Lack of exercise with a mega increase in calories means getting that spare tire you didn't ask Santa for
  • A decrease in your immunity to viruses and bacteria (it's not the winter chill that makes you ill, it's your sugary treats)
  • Sugar feeds systemic yeast that can result in an array of symptoms from vaginal yeast infections to skin eruptions. Yeast is bimorphic which means it can travel around your bloodstream and root itself as a fungus anywhere it finds a plentiful food supply.

So next year be mindful of what effects overconsumption of delicious treats like chocolate Santa's and candy canes can have on your body. Try planning for healthy alternatives. Surf the web for some simple recipes and plan ahead to make sure you're not scurring last minute to make your holidays tasty ones.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Microwave-To Nuke or Not To Nuke

Hi everyone. Sorry I've been away from my post for so long. Holidays y'know? Ok here's more interesting info that I have to put as a link because it's just way too much info to type. Check out how microwaving your food can cause serious problems for your health and wellness.

Be a mad scientist for me. Try this simple science project and tell me your results.
  • Take 2 plants. Feed one plant distilled water and the other microwaved water. See what you get at the end of 2 weeks and post it here on this blog. If you can, upload pics as well.

I think you'll be amazed at what happens. A nine year old did this for a science fair project but I'm too much of a stinker to tell you the results. You'll just have to do it and find out.

Remember the holidays are almost over, how have you been eating? haha Yea I thought too. shhhh don't tell anyone.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Little Is Good So A Lot Must Be Great...

OK you seriously need to check this out. A little is good so a lot must be great! Right? WRONG!

These are just a few reasons why during this holiday season, and all the time really, you should slow
down while eating.

Driving north for the week but I will have access to the internet so leave messages and I should be posting a thing or two while I'm there.

Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Before You Get That Manicure, Look At This

Found something interesting today. A webcast about what fingernails look like and possible related health issues. Sorry about the ad at the beginning but it's only about 15 seconds long.

That's all for today. I'll post another one maybe two before the holidays start. Then I'll be travelling and away from civilization.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quick Delicious Recipe That's Healthy

So I made this fantastic version of Peanut Thai sauce. Here are the ingredients (Note: you can/should use organic whenever possible)

Natural Peanut Butter (should have peanut, salt, and oil)
Olive Oil
Tamari or Soy Sauce
Fresh lemon juice
Red Pepper Flakes

The order of ingrients goes from most to least. The peanut butter is a majority of the sauce so use at least 1/2 the jar for 2-3 servings. All other ingredients use to taste (usually just a teaspoon to a tablespoon each). I like it spicy so I add more pepper flakes than some. Have fun with it. Its delicious and with enough water added it makes a nice thin sauce to sauteed veggies and Chinese noodles. Other options would be adding organic free range beef or chicken, shrimp, or even tofu.

It takes all of 5 minutes to make once it's heated and smooth. Be sure to watch it closely because the sauce can burn easily.

When you make it let me know how it comes out.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Check these out...

This is creepy and I don't like it.

Funny how the FDA approves things that will kill us yet sends us into a panic over things that wont. Read here about how they disapprove of Stevia, one of the safest sweeteners out there.

This one's short and sweet today folks. Stay tuned to next weeks blogs....

Friday, December 14, 2007

You're Blood Says More About You Than You Think

While I was obtaining my degree in holistic nutrition I read a book by Dr. Peter D'Adamo called Eat Right For Your Type. So I decided I would try this "fad" diet. Holy shit! In 1 month I went down 2% in body fat. For all you health and gym nuts out there you know what a significant loss like that means. It's not just pounds, stones, kilos, or any other way you weigh yourself. It means that I lost 2% of all the fat I had all over my body. I was 23% to start with then with continuing my normal workout routine (3-5 days a week, 1 1/2hrs each time) and just changing my diet to eat only the foods good for my type, I shed those stubborn last % points. And the great thing about this diet is it's not all portion control and only eating lettuce. It's eating real food just avoiding the things that aggrivate your body and cause you to gain weight. One reason you store fat is because your digestion gets sluggish. For instance, if you're an A blood type and you eat loads of meat, you're in for a world of hurt. You're not made to eat more than 3 ozs of meat twice a week. The list goes on...

Dr. D'Adamo has a few other books on the subject like Live Right For Your Type, Cook Right For Your Type and the new one The GenoType Diet. I guess the Geno Type book gets more in depth for people with stubborn weigh loss problems. But I wont go into the details. Start off with Eat Right because that one explains the history of blood types and where they stem from.

Any questions about this just ask.

Government Decides Whether You Can Eat Fast Food?

Councilwoman Jan Perry pushed for the ban in her district, saying: "We have a serious problem in my district with fast-food restaurants and the increasing level of obesity and diabetes."

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Have it your way" just not in South LA

LMFAO!!! I just have to comment on one of the latest digg feeds. It's aptly titled "Should Government Tell You Not to Eat Fast Food?" Well if you're not going to tell yourself someone sure as hell should.

Nevermind the fact that two movies in the past few years have blatantly told you of the horrors of eating too much fast food, not to mention the ingredients. (Supersize me and Fast Food Nation) But now there's a ban in South L.A. on all fast food resturants. How long will it take before the ban is nationwide, then worldwide??? Please say it's soon.

As a nutritionist and a natural health consultant I can only applaud and say "KUDOS!!" to the govenments poorly layed out ploy to cut down the obsiety and diabetes in America, excuse me So. L.A. (Can you sense the sarcasm cause I'm layin it on pretty thick) What the hell are they thinking? Talk about a good idea poorly executed. Yea let's section out minorities and the poor who can just about afford Mc Fats or Belly King and tell them they can't have it anymore. And what inexpensive alternative are they going to replace it with?

So the foods that they have been literally addicted to, because we all know addictive chemicals are added to fast food, is being taken away from them cold turkey. No that wont result in any uproar. Way to go Governator. If you want to set an example try using a more pc group of Americans like Sillicon Valley or maybe even Manhattan. Somewhere riots wont start in the streets for imposing yet another barrier for these people to cross.

I'm completely for shutting down ALL, let me repeat that ALL fast food rest, excuse me establisments. I can't in good faith call it a resturant because well that's giving them too much credit. But for Pete's sake make it a ban for an entire county at least. And you can't for one second convince me that So. L.A. is the only place fat people live. I lived in America for 31 years, I've seen others..sshhhhhh!

A recent stat taken from stated that Americans are just too fat, researchers say, with 54% of all adults heavier than is healthy. If the trend continues, experts say that within a few generations virtually every U.S. adult will be overweight.

This is staggering. Oh and by the way I read on to the article and it said nothing about everyone who was fat was in So. L.A. Have I made my point clear enough yet? Reason #1,482,393 that I moved out of the U.S. The "duhhhh" factor.

When 'I do' becomes 'I don't'

Amazing. Simply Amazing. The rate of divorce is so high, now we have blogs on how to make it cheaper and easier. What next? Drive thru divorce? Divorce in an hour?

I got a myspace post from a friend of mine back home and sadly it had an obituary on it. I didn't know the person, God rest his soul, but I did notice something that was just as disturbing as his death. The people who he was survived by. Just an example; his father and his wife, his mother and her husband, half siblings, his paternal grandfather and his wife, paternal grandmother, his maternal grandfather and his wife, etc... Notice a pattern here? Does anyone in this poor guys family stay together? It's another prime example of the direction marriage has gone in the States. Divorce was just made legal less than 20 years ago here in Ireland, but the divorce rate still isn't near as high as it is anywhere else. Luckily I'm in a country that "til death do us part" still means something. Not "til you get the wrong type of bread because you never listen to me so you're outta here". What has this sanctity really come to? Call me old fashioned but I'm 31 and just got engaged in March and I made damn sure I didn't rush to the alter with just anyone.

This all ties into the children. I have no children and always knew from a very young age that having them out of wedlock was something I would never do. I know everyone has their reasons for doing it. "We thought we'd be together forever and marriage was just something that would happen eventually, so we had a kid first." Where does this rationale come from? Who tought these people that thinking and acting this way was ok? Was it their parents? Society? Friends? WHO?

Now we have obits that have a laundry list of so called "family" that has step this and step that all over the place. And who suffers the most? These precious children you just couldn't wait to have and the new spouses that have to figure out how to coparent a child that isn't even theirs. Then comes the "you're not my mother/father so I don't have to listen to you." Or the new spouses view of "I wanted to be the only family you have, not share you with anyone else." But that doesn't mean that the single parent shouldn't find love again right? Of course they should but think of how hard it is on a fresh relationship. 'Will my son/daughter accept my new gf/bf? Then what happens if we want to get married?' Most people just flat out don't want the "baggage" and avoid people with kids at all costs. I know a few people that have children and are divorced or never married and have been single for years because no one wanted to take on a ready made family.

Some kids are great and roll with the flow of things, while others go off the deep end and need 15 years of therapy. I guess the bottom line is, if you decide to go down this path or you already have, talk to your kids about everything they can comprehend. Their little minds absorb more than you think.