Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Have it your way" just not in South LA

LMFAO!!! I just have to comment on one of the latest digg feeds. It's aptly titled "Should Government Tell You Not to Eat Fast Food?" Well if you're not going to tell yourself someone sure as hell should.

Nevermind the fact that two movies in the past few years have blatantly told you of the horrors of eating too much fast food, not to mention the ingredients. (Supersize me and Fast Food Nation) But now there's a ban in South L.A. on all fast food resturants. How long will it take before the ban is nationwide, then worldwide??? Please say it's soon.

As a nutritionist and a natural health consultant I can only applaud and say "KUDOS!!" to the govenments poorly layed out ploy to cut down the obsiety and diabetes in America, excuse me So. L.A. (Can you sense the sarcasm cause I'm layin it on pretty thick) What the hell are they thinking? Talk about a good idea poorly executed. Yea let's section out minorities and the poor who can just about afford Mc Fats or Belly King and tell them they can't have it anymore. And what inexpensive alternative are they going to replace it with?

So the foods that they have been literally addicted to, because we all know addictive chemicals are added to fast food, is being taken away from them cold turkey. No that wont result in any uproar. Way to go Governator. If you want to set an example try using a more pc group of Americans like Sillicon Valley or maybe even Manhattan. Somewhere riots wont start in the streets for imposing yet another barrier for these people to cross.

I'm completely for shutting down ALL, let me repeat that ALL fast food rest, excuse me establisments. I can't in good faith call it a resturant because well that's giving them too much credit. But for Pete's sake make it a ban for an entire county at least. And you can't for one second convince me that So. L.A. is the only place fat people live. I lived in America for 31 years, I've seen others..sshhhhhh!

A recent stat taken from stated that Americans are just too fat, researchers say, with 54% of all adults heavier than is healthy. If the trend continues, experts say that within a few generations virtually every U.S. adult will be overweight.

This is staggering. Oh and by the way I read on to the article and it said nothing about everyone who was fat was in So. L.A. Have I made my point clear enough yet? Reason #1,482,393 that I moved out of the U.S. The "duhhhh" factor.

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