Friday, December 28, 2007

Microwave-To Nuke or Not To Nuke

Hi everyone. Sorry I've been away from my post for so long. Holidays y'know? Ok here's more interesting info that I have to put as a link because it's just way too much info to type. Check out how microwaving your food can cause serious problems for your health and wellness.

Be a mad scientist for me. Try this simple science project and tell me your results.
  • Take 2 plants. Feed one plant distilled water and the other microwaved water. See what you get at the end of 2 weeks and post it here on this blog. If you can, upload pics as well.

I think you'll be amazed at what happens. A nine year old did this for a science fair project but I'm too much of a stinker to tell you the results. You'll just have to do it and find out.

Remember the holidays are almost over, how have you been eating? haha Yea I thought too. shhhh don't tell anyone.

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