Monday, December 31, 2007

Think Sugar is Harmless?

Durning the holiday season people can consume about 3 times the amount of sugar than they do throughout the entire year. Some effects this can have on your include:

  • Massive production of insulin to compensate for the increase in blood sugar levels
  • Taxation on pancreas from production of too much insulin which can result in borderline diabetes (insulin can run out, you're only given so much in a lifetime)
  • Lack of exercise with a mega increase in calories means getting that spare tire you didn't ask Santa for
  • A decrease in your immunity to viruses and bacteria (it's not the winter chill that makes you ill, it's your sugary treats)
  • Sugar feeds systemic yeast that can result in an array of symptoms from vaginal yeast infections to skin eruptions. Yeast is bimorphic which means it can travel around your bloodstream and root itself as a fungus anywhere it finds a plentiful food supply.

So next year be mindful of what effects overconsumption of delicious treats like chocolate Santa's and candy canes can have on your body. Try planning for healthy alternatives. Surf the web for some simple recipes and plan ahead to make sure you're not scurring last minute to make your holidays tasty ones.

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