Monday, February 25, 2008

Wheat,Weight Gain, and Mucoid Plaque

If you're like the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people out there with wheat afflictions you might not know this. Even though symptoms don't show up while you're eating wheat, it could be the silent allergen. Here's a quick test to find out if you are allergic. First get a reading of your resting heart rate of beats per 15 seconds before you eat. Then have a slice of bread or some wheat crackers. Wait one hour and test your heart rate again. If your rate is up at least 2 beats every 15 seconds, you have a wheat allergy. You can test this with all foods, but it is time consuming and can't really be done with all foods as you may grow too hungry to wait. Just the main food allergies like wheat, onions/garlic, beef, corn, soy, and dairy products should be tested this way. Others can be tested through blood or by a kinesiologist.

Obvious food allergies are bloating, gassy, cramps, pains in joints, back, neck or head, and skin rashes. Most people don't realize what foods actually do to the human body. Just because it's a fruit, vegetable, grain, or nut, doesn't meant it's the right thing for you to be eating. Allergies and sensitivities are no laughing matter. Simple upset stomachs can lead to more serious symptoms like Chrone's Disease or Celiac's or even asthma (anaphylaxis).

Another huge problem with wheat, if you are allergic or sensitive to it, is it's a leading cause of weight gain. Wheat will slowly, but surely, make you very overweight, if not obese, if consumed when it should be avoided. Some people can process wheat products and suffer no ill effects, while others just look at wheat and gain 5 pounds.

If you are on a healthy weight loss diet full of fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, legumes, and grains and you're still not losing or even gaining weight, consider your grain source. Most people benefit from spelt pastas and breads and suffer no increase in weight. It's a healthy alternative and it's just delicious. Also consider kamut or rye breads instead. You'll have to visit a health food store to get these breads as they aren't sold in most grocery stores in Ireland as of yet.

Sprouted breads are the best alternative. In an earlier post I've linked a recipe for sprouted bread. All grains should be eaten just after they are sprouted. Oats, barley, and even wheat should all be soaked in water and consumed after sprouting. That way they are in their live form and give us the most nourishment with the least toxic response.

There is one last thing I will say about why we shouldn't consume grains in their refined or processed form. Two words: mucoid plaque. This link has pictures that are not for the squeamish. Click on the link for acid/alkalizing foods, and mucoid forming foods . You'll be shocked by the amount of mucous producing foods are in your everyday diet. Foods that seemed harmless, until now.

I highly recommend everyone to slowly change their diets away from the acid over to the alkaline and then do a cleanse. Only cleanse if you are healthy enough to do it. If you are at all sick DO NOT attempt a cleanse. It will make symptoms worse. You can also try to supplement vitamins and minerals before a cleanse to make sure you don't deplete all the good with the bad.

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P.S. Most breads on the market contains soya flour. Avoid these breads as well. Soya is a know mucous producer and depletes minerals. Also known to rapidly advance puberty in girls and slow it in boys.


Mucoid Plaque Scam said...

Actually, mucoid plaque is a complete hoax:

Blogcrumbs said...

While mucoid plaque may seem like a scam, the results people felt are undeniable. Plus I passed something similar without taking the cleanse and just changing my diet. I never felt better in my life. Hope you get the chance to have a similar experience.

You'll find a 'hoax' website for everything. Be careful what you decide to believe. Especially if you haven't experienced it for yourself.

Thanks for writing in. Take care!

Quackbusterbuster said...

I also eat the alkalizing diet and have removed mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque is far from being a hoax. Because of my disillusionment with medical doctors, I have created a blog that lays out the scientific evidence of its existance. It can be used to defend against (pseudo)skeptics. Visit my blog at:

Brent said...

The tablets one receives along with the colon cleanse kit form the mucoid plaque. Nothing in your diet will cause mucoid plaque. Mucous does not cause mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque only exists when you take the tablets. Quite an interesting scheme, but one only the ignorant fall for. Don't believe me? - talk to a gastroenterologist, biopsy a colon, look at x-rays.

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)