Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shocking News About Garlic

Garlic, Allium sativum L, is in the onion family Alliaceae. It's used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Up until recently I thought there were no side effects other than upset stomach from a sulphur sensitivity. This is just not so.

I had a consultation with a 4 year old femle client the other day and through kinesiology found that she has a virus present. Well, being 4 and unable to swallow pills (without testing her) I suggested rubbing fresh garlic on the soles of her feet just before bed. It's an excellent anitbacteria and viral as well as having many other healing/cleansing properties. So her Mother did what I suggested and in less than a minute her daugher was screaming in pain and pleading with her to remove it. Thinking her daughter was just being dramatic as kids can be, I know I've witnessed it loads of times, she removed it and put her to bed.

In the morning she went to her daughters beside and looked at her foot again to see if there really was a problem. Unbelievably she had what appeared to be a red burn mark on her skin the size of the clove of garlic. By the end of the day her cheeks were flushed as well.

Ruling out that she's a vampire, I went and searched for other known cases of garlic sensitivity. Apparently it's a known fact that the allicin (sulphur compound) present in crushed garlic can cause symptoms of 'skin irritation, reddening and even blistering. Low level intolerance or excessive intake can result in heartburn or flatulence.'

I'd recommended it to clients before and even heard of other people doing it for their kids with no ill effects. Garlic is still the number one thing I recommend to small children and infants to relieve colds, flus, fevers, and any bacterial/viral infections because of it's fast healing benefits. Plus it doesn't need to be ingested. Just be careful and heed a word of warning.

If you are going to apply garlic to the feet, please do a patch test if a kinesiologist is not available. If you notice any signs of sensitivity, wash the area immediately and apply aloe. This should counteract any blistering.

Another way we found there was a sulfer allergy was her reaction to her inhaler for asthma. It too contains a sulphite that when ingested causes her to become angry and tempermental. She was described as "being a totally different person" when on the inhaler. I asked the mother to consult her doctor to see if a change could be made. She then told me the doctors told her there were no other alternatives.

Now I don't for one single second believe there is only 1 asthma inhaler drug for acute symptoms on the market. I don't mess with emergency situations as natural health is slow healing over a period of time, so I told her to call other doctors here and even in other countries for their advice on the matter. Remember this: Doctor's are glorified sales people. They will never speak of a drug they are not promoting because they have no knowledge of it. That doesn't mean the drugs don't exist, it simply means they aren't aware of it and don't get a kickback from recommending it. Please go to several sources for information, hit the web, and get yourself educated on matters of health for you and your children. Never hand over full responsibility for the health and welfare of yourself and others to anyone. If something sounds odd or untrue, do the research. Information is there for the taking and no one has more access to information than you.

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Ry said...

I am very sensitive to garlic. Can't eat it or I get loopy, just like wheat and apples.