Monday, January 7, 2008

Yes, Really!

Did you hear the one about the drunk dog? Think it's a joke? Not this time. Read the story of the pissed pooch. It's got a twist at the end you weren't expecting.

Some diets aren't even fit for a king. Read about the Most Insane Crash Diets of All Time. Hard to believe people did these things to lose weight. Umm on the other hand, maybe it's not. Considering all the "new age" diets people are boasting about now. Oh and incase you were wondering my views on dieting, what are the first 3 letters of the word. DIE!!! Don't DIEt, eat healthy food all the time and exercise. Trust me on this one.

OK more fun. Read about the 10 Most Insane Medical Practices in History. A word of caution, they get rather graphic. So if you are squeamish or easily offended do not read this.

World life expectancy map. Cool, interactive.

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