Saturday, January 5, 2008

Watch This! Fox News Whistle Blowers

FINALLY proof of what the people in the natural health industry have been trying to drill in people's heads about bovine growth hormone (BGH). You've got to watch the video on this.

The people of the United States are tired. Tired of the lies that the government is telling them about everything from the safety of the country to the foods they eat. I will expose the FDA and every other government body and their supporters every chance I get. This is just the beginning of my new goal in life. No one wanted to listen to me when I told them I knew what was in the milk and milk products they were ingesting. They said I was more interested in "conspiracy stories" than the truth. Well HERE is the truth! And if after watching this you aren't convinced that money talks and there are many huge conspiracies in the US, then I feel very sorry for you and your children.

Sorry to be a bit ranty but I had to drive the point home. Comments?

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