Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Insight From Facebook Discussion Groups

In a recent discussion board on Facebook, someone posted an eye opening essay on PMS and Warning Signs For A High Risk Miscarriage. I was blown away by the insight this person had on the topic. I'd heard about PMS not being normal but until it was put this way I had no idea the severity of it. As someone who will be trying to get pregnant within the next year I found that I have some changes to make.

Don't Drink Your Milk. Another great post on a Facebook group for natural health. Keep in mind this is an American post on milk and many of the practices that are done over there aren't in Ireland or the UK. But do keep your eye open to the hormones and different chemical processes that might be/are happening in your neck of the woods.

Think soy is a harmless and healthy alternative? Uh uh uhhhhh!!! Soy Myths Exposed!!

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