Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Healthy Resolutions?

Dr. Weil, a well known author on health and nutrition, gives some great ways to combat health related issues for the new year. Ways such as anti-inflammatory foods, smart snacking, and taking time for (green) tea.

New Year's resolutions always include a new diet, exercise goals, and a reduction in weight. But the number of people who run out of steam by February and March is staggering. For this new year try and make your goals smaller then becoming more gradual as the year goes on. Be excited about making your changes and monitor your progress regularly to keep up the momentum. Reward yourself at every goal attained with a gift. Buy that new outfit or gadget you've been eyeing. Celebrate your accomplishments. And pat yourself on the back whenever possible. Maintaining a positive attitude while making lifestyle changes makes it a more pleasurable one and will ensure you don't run out of steam.

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