Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spelt Soda Bread


Went to the grocery store today to pick the spelt soda bread I've gotten addicted to. Decided to check the price this time and saw that the tiny loaf I've been buying costs 3.50. In times like these, becoming the baker I've never been has become more of a necessity. Here is the result of my latest attempt at baking.

where I found the recipe and cooking instructions. Instead of putting sesame seeds (which I was out of and didn't realize it) I added about 1/3 cup each of pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds and a 1/3 cup of sweetened oats. All giving it an amazing taste, more protein, and a small amount of essential fatty acids. The recipe called for molasses but I put treacle instead (all I had). It gave the bread a cinnamon taste that my husband noticed right away. A perfect complement to my favorite spread, peanut butter. And the last change I made was to put buttermilk instead of regular milk.

You can go by the recipe verbatum or use it as a guideline and get a little creative like I did. Sometimes I can read a recipe and get a taste of the results before even baking it. If I think I won't enjoy it, I'll tweak the ingredients to my liking.

Update on my seedlings. Went and checked on them and noticed I'm getting really long thin stems. I don't think I'm over watering them and the second I saw them start I removed the greenhouse top to avoid this very thing. I just hope they get stronger before I plant them outside. If not, I'll just plant them deeper to support the stems. Sound like a good idea? Would anyone do anything differently?

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