Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Did A LOT Today!


As you can see most of my back garden is either concrete slabs or rocky nutrient lacking soil. So what I did was section out the largest area without slabs, which is roughly 3ft X 7ft, and put 2 layers of compost followed by 1 layer of manure then another layer of compost again. It really needs to be built up a little higher with maybe another layer or two of compost. I want it to go up high enough to be flush with the back wood barrier.

There's a dripping pipe along the far fence so I put that 2X12 behind it to block it off. Plus I put loads of rocks for proper drainage so it doesn't leak into my garden. And now it's just about ready to plant seeds and my seedlings next month.

I've had great luck with my brussel sprout seedlings as most of them are shooting up. Plus a few courgettes are starting to poke their heads out.

This is the ambitious plan I have for my garden. Luckily the side area that's pretty dead can be used for my pots of peppers, tomatoes, and whatever else I come up with that pots well. Something tells me this isn't the last version of my plan either.

Two other quick things I did today was make an "Awesome" beef stew and blackberry pie. They came out amazing! I was so happy with myself. Here is the seasoning packet for the stew I found at the grocery store yesterday. What a tasty combination of herbs and seasonings. Plus the entire recipe is on the back of the packet. Makes cooking that much easier.



MyTinyPlot said...

Ah nothing beats a good masterplan!

Confectionate said...

From great ideas to delicious recipes, I find this blog to have it all! I have been learning quite a bit about gardening from the stories posted by Jessica. She is talented and creative and offers ideas that are doable by even the worst green-thumb (such as myself!). My thanks to Jessica for sharing such wonderful thoughts! I'll be checking back often to gain more insights from her work and her healthy eating & living ideas. Thank you!

Blogcrumbs said...

@MTP I learned it from you!! ;-)

@Confectionate Thank you so much. You just made my blogroll. And coincidentally I checked out your blog the other day before even seeing your comment. How cool is that?