Sunday, November 2, 2008

Barcamp or Healthcamp?

My husband and I attended Barcamp Cork yesterday. For those of you know don't know what a barcamp is, it's normally a techie meet up where people come to teach others things such as; how to blog properly or how to build your own website.

I watched one particular presentation on "how to barcamp". In that presentation I learned that you don't just have to be a techie to have your own discussion group. I found that many of the people attending barcamp also found value with my knowledge and skills as a practitioner of natural health and nutrition. I had several people come to me and say that I should have a discussion group, or full on presentation, to share what I knew. So I did just that.

The group I had were fantastic. They conveyed to me how much they enjoyed my discussion topics (digestion, elimination, and type II diabetes to name a few) and hadn't realized how important good digestion was. I'm sure they also found it a reprieve from all the techie talk ;-) I loved sharing my knowledge and expertise in my field and will gladly do it again at the next barcamp.

I was also asked to host a Healthcamp to continue to educate those interested in natural health. Healthcamp would consist of presentations by me along with practitioners of healing modalities such as reiki, reflexology, massage, and chiropractics. And anyone else that has information to share on what they've learned in the natural health field. Not sure of the scale or diversity yet, but it's a project in motion.

If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to hear, please feel free to comment or contact me directly. I have years of knowledge and experience so I can go on for days. You've got to help me narrow it down.

Now barcamps aren't a way of selling a product or charging for services so don't worry about spending a dime. You just come, share, eat, learn, and enjoy yourself.

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