Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The A,B,C, and D of Health

There are four basic steps to wellness. These are broken down in a way that's easy to remember.




D-Direct Aid

Activating basically consists of quitting bad habits (smoking, drinking in excess, no exercise etc.) and incorporating more meditation, exercise, and healthy hobbies to keep the mind and body active. It could be something as simple as taking a class at the gym or learning how to do pottery. I think you see where I'm going with this. Get up and move.

Building means eating more fresh fruits and veggies. The RDA is 10 servings a day. I think you can do better then that. My motto is "A salad a day keeps Jessi away". Not that I want to be away from everyone, but I'd rather see you healthy and happy then sick and needing me to fix you. I always prefer building with healthy foods rather then shoving pills down your throat. It just seems to work better. Possibly because foods are more bio available than pills. And you never know if the supplements you're getting are from a quality source. I've gotten violently sick from a multivitamin I bought at a gym. Now if you are severely deficient then you will have to take a supplement or two. Probiotics have to be supplemented because they are killed off from the sugar in yogurt. And high doses of Vitamin C helps relieve mucous and fights cancer. And for those with central nervous system disorders, adrenal exhaustion, mental fatigue, and stress, a B complex vitamin is highly recommended. Be sure when buying any supplements you get the advice from a qualified practitioner.

Cleansing should only be performed when Activating and Building have been done for at least 3 months. I never recommend doing a cleanse when you are sick or not built up enough. You will suffer a healing crisis* and you will not be happy.

With that being said, cleansing can be performed many ways. You can use teas or supplements to cleanse your liver, spleen, digestive tract, urinary tract, and blood. There are also detox foot patches. They draw toxins through the more than 2000 pores in your feet. I've used them and trust me they work. Cleanses should be done twice a year. Think spring and fall cleanings. We are exposed to so many toxins on a daily basis that the build up is too much for cleansing just once a year.

Direct Aids are used when all else fails. You've improved your mental health, built yourself up with nutrients, and cleaned out all the toxins but you still feel lousy. Chances are the years of buildup took their toll and you either have an autoimmune disease (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia) or something a bit more serious. There are countless herbal and homeopathic remedies available for bodies greatly out of balance.

I also like to recommend Reiki and reflexology to a direct aid protocol. They relax you and open meridians to get energy flowing properly.

*Healing crisis means your symptoms get worse before they get better possibly resulting in a debilitating condition that can last weeks. Stopping all cleanses is recommended if symptoms get too much to handle. Repeat the A,B, and C steps and try cleansing again slowly.

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