Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cholesterol Myths Exposed!

How many of you are on Lipitor or another cholesterol lowering drug? Now how many of you feel like crap? Just what I thought.

Here is an excerpt from the website Second Opinions ...

"Cholesterol is an essential component in the body. It is found in all the cells of the body, particularly in the brain and nerve cells. Body cells are continually dying and new ones being made. Cholesterol is a major building block from which cell walls are made. Cholesterol is also used to make a number of other important substances: hormones (including the sex hormones), bile acids and, in conjunction with sunlight on the skin, vitamin D 3 . The body uses large quantities of cholesterol every day and the substance is so important that, with the exception of brain cells, every body cell has the ability to make it."

Visit this website to get a more thorough explanation of cholesterol and the facts about fats and coronary heart disease.

Most people think that you get cholesterol from the diet. In a way it's true. Foods that have cholesterol in them can get into the bloodstream, several studies have proven that. But for the most part your liver produces it. In fact, your liver produces more cholesterol when you don't get it from your diet. Hmmm does that mean that maybe it's necessary for proper function of all vital organs and body systems?

Cholesterol is produced by the liver to save your life. It binds to toxins that you take in on a daily basis and passes them safely out of your body. If you produce too little cholesterol and smoke, eat preservatives and food additives, inhale other airborne pollutants, and/or eat too much sugar, you most likely suffer from coronary heart disease or an array of other illnesses because you couldn't protect yourself.

Another important use for cholesterol is hormone delivery. I've known menopausal women who had cholesterol in the 300's (American reading) and suffered no hot flashes or symptoms of any kind. They owed it all to their HDL or High Density Lipoproteins. One way to remember HD is to refer to it as "Hormone Delivery".

For more information on what your cholesterol levels are, check with your doctor. For more information on what that test actually means, check with me.


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