Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Time


The beer box seed tray held up long enough for me to transplant my seedlings and boy were they huge. Now to chuck the box into the compost bin. The bottom is already well rotted. And my beans are so big I've already had to stake them in the pots.


Top right to left: beets then broccoli
Middle: Corn
Front 3: Climbing beans

The beets and broccoli will be staying in their pots. Oh and I have to mention I got those large pots today at the discount store for 4 euro each!! Such a deal. The corn will be transplanted into the garden when the weather warms up. I put some in there already, as an experiment, so we'll see what happens. And the pots are where the beans are going to stay. I'm just going to put them up against the fence and string them up.

Early days

As you can see from this pic my back garden is going to be mostly containers. I wish I could dig up those slabs and redo the whole area but the landlord would frown upon that. Oh well, containers are just as good.

So that should do it for a while. Not going to be able to transplant or sow any more seeds for a while. I've run out of pots and room in the house so we'll give it a break and concentrate on what I've got.

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