Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roses Are Red...

This Valentine's Day my husband surprised me with a few gifts and one of them was this gorgeous red rose. I had to wait a few days to take a picture because it hadn't bloomed yet. Although the bud was beautiful, I wanted to wait for the full monty. I have no idea what kind of rose this is (if you do please tell me) but I'm hoping to be able to find one to grow in my back garden. I also need a trailing kind to grow up the fencing and block out the ugly driveway on the other side.

Eventually my ugly barren back garden will be exploding with colors and life. My tulips are coming up and should be making their debut in a couple weeks. For a while I thought I planted them too deep but I guess I didn't because they look strong and healthy so far. I planted some shallots in the new bed but they aren't doing anything yet (stubborn). Still too cold and not enough sunlight. But my garlic is beginning to show signs of life in seedling pots. Fearing rot I took them out of the greenhouse because it was too cold and wet. My courgettes (zucchini) are doing amazing. I have 4 seedlings going and have already repotted one into its adult pot. It looks so tiny and alone but in no time it will be huge and trailing out of the pot (fingers crossed).

My tomato seedlings are popping up finally as well. I had all but given up hope of growing those little suckers. And I know enough to plant them as deep as the first set of leaves to ensure further rooting and a stronger stem. Saw that on tv.

So if you're a novice (like me) or a seasoned gardener share some of your tips of the trade. What are you doing this time of the year?

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