Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beating Depression-A Healthy Start to 2009!

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a fabulous holiday season. Now that we're all back to the daily grind and trying to stick to those New Year's resolutions. Losing weight is usually the most popular on the list, so why not schedule a consultation with me at my new location. If you're in Ireland, anywhere near Co. Galway, I'm running my practice out of The Elmtree Clinic in Oranmore.

My resolution was to get fit (again). To do this I've cut out the junk foods I indulged in over the holidays and went back to healthy eating. Plus I've incorporated 60 minutes of Yoga into my daily routine. In just a couple days I've already noticed a difference. My 'baggy jeans' are baggy again and I feel toned and strong. You know what they say "muscle has memory". Well mine are thrilled that I've stopped neglecting them for the couch and TV. My mood has elevated and so has my energy level. I had no idea how much my lack physical activity and healthy diet were effecting me. I was fit for so long that I just took it for granted. Taking the last year off of the intense workouts I'd been doing for years really took its toll. So I'm happy to say I'm bouncing back nicely and plan to keep up this pace forever.

Letting your physical fitness slip away is doing yourself a tremendous disservice. Your body and mind will suffer for it. Depression is a commonly misdiagnosed problem. Doctors say it's a chemical imbalance that's permanent so you need to take anti-depressants the rest of your life. Well I'm here to tell you that's FALSE! Depression usually stems from an unhealthy digestive tract. Your gut talks to your brain 2/3 of the time. What is your gut saying?

Steps to Take to Beat Depression
  • Make sure you're taking in enough water and fiber to keep your bowels moving
  • Take Probiotics to digest and uptake your B-Vitamins essential for the central nervous system
  • Eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables (Source of B-Vitamins)
  • Exercise DAILY at least 30 minutes-Yoga highly recommended
  • Remove all fast foods from your diet-pizza is allowed on your cheat day
  • Increase intake of Omega fatty acids through fish or seed oils-fats feed the brain
  • Eat a combo of fats, protein, and carbs in every meal or snack. They work together.
For more great tips contact me. There are several options you can take other than popping prescription drugs. They do more harm than good and quickly damage your liver.

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