Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What the Doctor's Couldn't Fix, I Could

After finishing up with my client this afternoon, my fiance and I went to lunch at a nearby cafe. When I went inside to pay I saw one of my coworkers from the health food shop I work at sitting at a table. I got her attention and said my hellos. She called me over and told me of a customer I had helped the other day. She went on to tell me that it was the woman who was complaining of a pain in her lower left side (descending colon area). I remembered vividly the conversation I had with her in reference to the pain. A pain that was so bad it kept her awake at night.

I asked the customer what other symptoms she had and what her bowel movements looked like. And yes I do have to know that as gross as it sounds. She informed me that at certain times it was more yellow in color. That told me liver or possibly gall bladder immediately. Other symptoms were puffy eyes and malaise.

Just standing there talking to her I could sense that the problem was more liver. I muscle tested her and found it to be so. I recommeded dandelion root for its tonifying and cleansing effects. She had little funds so she couldn't afford the probiotics I recommended as well. I decided dandelion was the better of the two for that particular situation. It would cleanse her liver, gall bladder, kidneys,stomach, pancreas, blood, and intestines. It soothes the digestive tract and absorbs toxins, and is rich in minerals to balance the body and promote healing. Dandelion also acts as a mild diuretic for abnormal water weight gain due to taxed kidneys or lack of minerals.

Probiotics taken as a supplement or in foods like yogurt repopulate the friendly flora (bacteria) in the intestinal tract to allow for nutrient digestion and assimilation. It can provide relief from certain food sensitivities, bacterial or fungal/yeast infections, and boost the immune system.

Well, come to find out the pain ceased within 36 hours of starting the dandelion and hasn't returned. All other symptoms have reverse as well.

This customer had previously gone to the doctor to rule out cancer, cysts or any other major problem. All tests came out normal but the pain persisted. The doctors were perplexed and since all tests came back negative, there was nothing they could do. Thankfully she cared enough about her health not to take pain killers, and sought out natural remedies instead.

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