Friday, February 8, 2008

Genetics Vs. Learned Behaviour Part Two

Just something I found on Digg that was peaked my interest. Tell me what you think about "Mississippi Law: No Fat People Allowed"

Personally I don't agree with taking a majority of the blame for obesity out of the hands of the obese. If healthy foods are available to them but they choose to eat unhealthy, then it's their own fault for being fat. Not having willpower to eat right is not something I take lightly. You know what you're doing but don't stop yourself from pigging out and I'm supposed to feel bad for you? I don't think so.

I understand that a large number of people need help when choosing the right foods. There are so many conflicting articles about what is and isn't healthy. Like soy for instance. But if you aren't knowledgable about this topic ASK SOMEONE WHO IS!! Buy a book, take a class, go to a heath food store and ask some questions. There are millions of ways to get information on eating right. Go to a gym and ask someone there, surf the internet for blogs (ahem *points to self*). But the one thing you should never ever ever do, is believe what you see on TV. Unless it's a natural health program.

If it's mainstream media, it's bollox!! It's genetically modified information broadcast to you to get money. If a company that's said to have health products advertises on any medium besides word of mouth or pamphlets at a health food store, they've spent too much money on getting the word out and not on the product itself. I sell a pet food in my shop in the States and the day I see it advertised on TV, it's gettting pulled off my shelf. No products I recommend ever hit the airwaves.

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