Thursday, January 31, 2008

The links between vaccines and autism is real

The links between vaccines and autism is real-Check out this link. It covers topics like this one and others such as:
  • Why the AAP has no credibility
  • How vaccines harm children -- even when they work
  • Vaccine-pushing pediatricians are a threat to the health of children
  • The arrest and prosecution of vaccine pushers

And many more. A shocking read but one your children can't live without.


Sharon said...

The article you link to is total nonsense.
There is no link between vaccines and autism.
Do you know the difference between correlation and causation?

jessicaroy said...

I think what people fail to see is that the actual vaccine doesn't do harm, it's the mercury base they use that leads to autism. Heavy metal poisoning is a very real thing. People in the States are asking if immunization shots are mercury based before allowing for shots. If so, they are refused. And there is a huge argument that vaccines are necessary at all.

jessicaroy said...

More info on vaccines.

Sharon said...

You say 'there's a huge argument that vaccines aren't necessary at all.'

Well sure, if you'd rather your child got a serious/possibly fatal/debilitating infectious disease, or passed such a disease onto an immune-suppressed person, who for valid medical reasons can't be vaccinated, they're totally optional.

There is no mercury in any vaccine. There was a tiny amount of a compound called ethyl mercury in thimerosal, which was used as a preservative in some vaccines. It was never used in the MMR vaccine though.

For no good reason, some people postulated that this thimerosal caused autism. It was removed from the vaccines years ago and autism rates have continued to rise, as the vaccination rates go down. The 2 are not linked.

Do you know anything about autism, or about mercury poisoning. I can guarantee you, there are zero similarities between them.

Since we're doing links, here's a few for anyone happening to read this;

Blogcrumbs said...

I'd like to thank all who come and read my controversial blog. Everyone has their own experiences and education to share. I'm not speaking as a doctor, but I can read and what I'm reading is there is a problem with scientists hiding the truth. A very real threat is not only mercury poisoning (which can be reversed and flushed with selenium and vitamin E), as well as formaldehyde and aluminium, but the mixture of the vaccines together that is causing many autoimmune and brain function disorders. Not to mention 'crib death'. My step son has never been vaccinated because my husband doesn't believe in them, nor do I, and he's as healthy as an ox. The correlation between disease increasing and the rise in vaccines is astounding. Not only the disease you're vaccinating against either. Many other misdiagnosed, or name altered, diseases are also occurring as a result.

If you don't believe me visit this link and watch Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s view of this topic. Oh, and by the way, he's done ACTUAL research.

Go to and type in "autism" and you'll be amazed at what you see.

Thank you again for visiting my page.