Monday, January 14, 2008

A Break From The Norm

Because this is my blog and I can do what I want, I decided to post this amazing story of love and loss, then love again. This is the stuff they make movies about.

I've gotten this mad before haha! Take that line ref.

So I don't know how many of you are following the politics of the U.S. but in my lifetime there hasn't been a more interesting list of candidates. I mean there are the obvious losers that wont' even make it into the top 2, and then there are the shining stars that seem to be losing by just the skin of their teeth. How the hell did Obama lose to Clinton in New Hampshire? Considering that is my home State I am dumbfounded as to how this could have happened. I guess that just shows how rigged elections can be. I mean if you resort to crying to win(thanks for making all women look weak) and people buy that shite, then I'm even more comfortable with my moving abroad. I love Bill Clinton for commenting about Obama that "He might win". Way to slap your wife in the face. Legend! While living in Western New York we never heard a peep out of her boney little face so they don't support her at all.

I just pray to the gods that people all over the world realize that Bush is out of office soon so please take his ignorance with a grain of salt. The American people are becoming far more educated on the issues in the middle east and are taking a stand to change the course of action any way they can. They are following the polls more closely and people who've never voted before are lining up at the registry office.

My prediction is any successor that follows in Bush's footprints will be ridiculed and potentially impeached. No one wants to see this war continue and no one wants to "stay the course" any longer. Ron Paul had it right when he said we should never have been in any wars barring WWII because we had to defend what we did in WWI. Follow this mans campaign. If he gets elected into office and actually follows through with what he's proposing we might just see a better America once again.

Since moving to Ireland I've had reserves about telling people I'm from the States. Only problem is the second I talk you can immediately tell where I'm from. Bygones. But the reason I feel this way is because of how embarrassing our leaders are. I love what our forefathers laid down as ground rules for us to abide by. In fact I'm able to own my own business because of the path they carved. But what's going on now would cause them to spin in their graves. If they were alive you'd hear the proverbial "DOH!!" and head slap resembling that of one Homer J. Simpson.

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